Şehir University SAP Success Story

Turkey’s first SAP Higher Educational Solution developed by Renova has come to life at İstanbul Şehir University.

At the İstanbul Şehir University, founded by the Science and Art Foundation, the integrated technology provided by the SAP Higher Education Solution enables information sharing, process automation and different working processes in corporate communication to be consolidated into one process.

Renova, who puts the software and hardware solutions of world giants in the informatics industry at the service of people and corporations in Turkey, has added a new project to its ranks in the field of SAP. Renova has integrated what has become the industrial standard in education and research, SAP Higher Educational Solution, with ERP and has brought it to life for the first time in Turkey at the İstanbul Şehir University. Founded by the Science and Art Foundation and enrolling students since 2010-2011 academic year, the İstanbul Şehir University can consolidate information sharing, process automation and different working processes in corporate communication into a single process thanks to the integrated technology provided by Renova’s SAP Higher Educational Solution.

Thanks to the powerful and innovative point of view brought on by this solution to educational institution management, universities will attain transparent information management and grow healthier. The Renova SAP Higher Educational Solution raises the quality of the academic experience by decreasing the effort put into management by staff and gathering data at a single access point. Thanks to the innovative system that makes process standardization and compliance to legal regulations that require flexibility, easier, universities can integrate many business processes like personnel management, student affairs management, financial affairs, communication with suppliers and other establishments.

“We Know the Needs of Educational Institutions Very Well”

Stating that the integrated technologies of the SAP Higher Educational Solution will not only facilitate business processes in universities but also increase the competitive force in education, Medyasoft General Manager İhsan Taşer went onto say that, “With the solutions we develop based on our accumulated knowledge in the field of SAP, we make establishments get the right technology with the right investment. I believe that we have made a big contribution to university management by adding education to our SAP ranks. We know that universities are facing important problems concerning their present informatics technology infrastructure. Developing effective solutions to present problems and adding to it potential needs and integrating ‘SAP Higher Educational Solution’ with ERP, we have brought it to life at İstanbul Şehir University. The system, which carries information sharing from paper to digital, enables ease of use through a web-based interface and also does away with the sluggish reporting procedure between organizational levels.”

“We Have Carried Our University to a Higher Level in Informatics”

Prof. Dr. Gökhan Çetinsaya, Rector of the İstanbul Şehir University, had the following to say about the project put to life: “The ‘SAP Higher Educational Solution’ we have put into place with Renova has eased the sharing of information and facilitated inter-institutional communication. This system has enabled coordinated work between our managerial and academic departments. It is now possible to reach student affairs with the click of a button. Departments from financial affairs to student affairs, which under normal circumstances communicate intensively, can reach each other’s information very easily. We can manage a lot of information and documentation, from student data to corporate communication addresses and receipts, from the same pool. This is a revolution in information technologies. With the flexible structure brought by the SAP Higher Educational Solution we have carried our university to a very high level in informatics.

Şehir University SAP Success Story


Şehir University SAP Success Story

Şehir University & Renova SAP Success Story