Renova signature on Penta SAP and B2B Projects

The SAP and B2B Projects of Penta, one of Turkey's leading names in the field of technology distribution with its 24 years of experience, were developed by Renova Consulting.

Penta IT and Business Development Director Yasemin Budak had this to say about these projects: “Renova gave important contributions to our company in the implementation of our SAP and B2B projects. We felt their presence all the time with their consultants bearing the necessary criteria assisting the projects at the required times throughout their SAP consultancy.”

Why Renova?

The solutions Renova presents with its professional, competent team and the experience it has gained from the many projects it has realized in the IT sector ensures fully integrated traceability with minimum effort and cost for companies.

The Benefits of the Penta SAP Project

With the Penta SAP project, the successful management of business processes through a single system was achieved. 

The presented SAP Solutions and Services: Penta uses the Financial Accounting (FI), Controlling (CO), Human Resources (HR), Material Management (MM), Sales and Distribution (SD), Plant Maintenance (PM) modules.

Bayinet B2B Portal

The Bayinet B2B portal used by Penta was developed by Renova. All the features essential to Bayinet, one of Turkey's largest dealer networks, were developed to be 100% integrated with SAP.

Some of the features of the B2B portal are as follows:

100% integration to SAP

From order taking to stock control, product information and current accounts, all basic components work 100% integrated with SAP.

Payment tracking

Apart from the order itself, you can track on which date, with which payment method and with how much payment the order was made. After a certain number of orders, the opportunity to make whole payments on certain periods comes up.

Various methods of payment

Payment by Credit Card, 3D payment, EFT and check are accepted.

Product module

The module where products are listed, searches are made etc. In addition, products come automatically from SAP with no need for descriptions. Manual product update is possible.

Cache mechanism

High volume traffic is easily compensated thanks to the advanced cache mechanism. In addition, when the number of connections to ERP decreases, the need for sources on the ERP side also decreases.

Order tracking module

You can reach past order lists and their details. You can also see the preparation status of pending orders.

Automatically reflect the campaign price

If the products added to the basket are included in a campaign, the rules of the campaign are automatically applied even if the customer is unaware of the fact. This way, damages arising from human error are prevented and dealer satisfaction is increased.

Where is my cargo?

If the order has been dispatched, the precise location of the cargo vehicle can be tracked instantaneously.

Working with open accounts

In addition to payment methods like credit card, EFT etc. an open account purchase can be made, to be paid later on in whole.

Payment by check

Dealers can see the list of their checks and control their accepted/rejected status. In addition, portal managers can see the checks dealers input and put them into process.

Payment history, current account information, turnover and invoice information

It works in a way that the list of past payments, current account information, turnover and invoice information all come from the ERP system.

Feedback, criticism, suggestion form

You can get feedback from your dealers and determine the errors in your service.

Invoice Integration

The integration that enables the invoices made out by ERP seen by the portal.

SAP R3 Integration

The system is integrated with SAP. A lot of developments have been made on the SAP side and are ready for use (RFC/ABAP).

User Management

There are user management screens where you can define portal managers.

Role based authorization

You can define limited users to manage certain parts of the portal. For example, you can define a user group who can only upload documents.

Announcement Module

You can announce new developments to your dealers through this module. You can put it on the most visible space on the main page in order to inform your dealers regularly.

Bank account management

For possible paybacks to dealers, banking account numbers are recorded here. The portal owner can similarly record his/her banking number here. These numbers are displayed to the dealers in an appropriate space.

Document Module

You can deliver documents like brochures, guides, promotional videos etc. about your products to your dealers from this field. By informing them about their features, you can help them get more out of your products.

Procedure management

Specifications of procedures like Shipment and Order Termination Hours, Technical Service Defect Procedure, Technical Service Return Procedure.

Banner management

You can put advertisements where specified on the site. Using this module, you can easily lead your dealers to, for instance an announcement text or a product on sale.

Dealer application form

You can provide application forms to your candidate dealers in order for them to become real dealers. At this point you can use PDF as an alternative to Word and make it easy to fill and sign.

Brand Management

You can enter the brands for each product in your product range into the system and allow your dealers to shop by choosing brands. It will be possible to reach sales numbers based on brands on the SAP side.

Manual triggering in product integration

By entering the product code you can update that product on the ERP side. For example when product information changes on the SAP side, you can direct it onto the portal instantly without having to wait for the synchronization time.

Product listing

You can list your products not only according to name but in the order your dealers are used to. This way you will have increased the speed your dealers reach products up a notch.

Displaying products with missing content

Publishing lots of information about products on the portal increases sales. You can easily pinpoint products that are lacking in this field on the system.

Authorized technical service management

In possible malfunctions in your products, it is important for your dealers to be able to reach authorized service center contact information easily. It is important for this list to be updated easily and quickly. The system has the necessary features for this.

Warranty period inquiry

Your dealers can control online whether the warranty periods of the products they have purchased from you are up or not. This way, logistics costs like sending a product with no warranty to the technical service and then back again are avoided. In addition, it increases satisfaction to let your dealers know that the warranties on products that are no longer available are still good.

Defective product tracking

You can reach information about the situation of products sent in for repair and the conclusion about the product online. At the same time this module also makes it easier for the customers of the dealer to track the whereabouts of their products.

Return form

When there is a return for any reason, dealers can load them onto the system using this module. This way, it is harder for return requests to be missed by portal managers.

Foreign exchange rate integration

The exchange rates of the currencies (Euro, Dollar) accepted by the portal are updated daily to the system from the Central Bank automatically without need for manual intervention. Dealers can see the rate of the relevant currency on the portal screen.

BA-BS tracking

In compliance with the law regarding a “Notification Form for the Purchase of Goods and Services (Form BA)” be filled upon purchase of goods or services that exceed a certain amount; and a “Notification Form for the Sale of Goods and Services (Form BS)” be filled upon sale of goods or services that exceed a certain amount published in the Official Gazette number 27483.

Site map

Dealers not familiar with the portal can use the site map to easily navigate to the desired section.

Instant integrated stock with SAP

Stock information is instantaneously checked over SAP for product sales. This way a product not in stock cannot be accidently sold. The portal does not keep stock.

Current account balance aging

Overdue payment can be postponed and account balance can be aged over the system.

Product comparison

The product comparison feature will be useful for dealers who have a hard time choosing between products that are similar. This way you will be able to show products’ better features over each other and help them make the best choice.

Defining dealer employees as users 

Dealers can form and authorize separate user accounts for their employees. This way, they can refrain from unsecure methods like sharing the admin password. Dealers will also be able to track what each user does on the system separately.

Choice of warehouse for the product to be purchased

Dealers can choose among the warehouses most suitable to them where the product is in stock, for example the one closest to them. This way, the product can be delivered faster to the store.

Short delivery

If certain products in the order are not in stock, the ones present can be delivered beforehand and the rest later.

Flexible delivery address option

Dealers can define their addresses onto the system and can request items from any warehouse to any delivery address. This way, dealers are saved from the shipping cost of sending items between their own stores.

About Penta

Always one of the leading companies among the main technology distributors in Turkey since its establishment in 1990, Penta is constantly expanding its place within the sector. The distributor of over 150 global brands in Turkey, Penta continues to create more added value for its business partners every day. With over 7500 dealerships in Turkey, Penta also stands out as the solution oriented establishment of the sector with its non-stop support of its business partners. Acer, Airties, Asus, Benq, Casio, Dell, HP, Huawei, IBM, Intel, Inform, Lenovo, Maxell, MSI, OKI, Toshiba, Seagate, Zyxel, Kaspersky, Autodesk, Wacom and Adobe being in the forefront, Penta distributes the products of over 150 global brands to all of Turkey with its business partners spread throughout the country.

Renova signature on Penta SAP and B2B Projects


Renova signature on Penta SAP and B2B Projects

Penta & Renova SAP and B2B Success Story