Hero Türkiye SAP Success Story

Hero Türkiye SAP Success Story

SAP is one of the prominent platforms that medium and larger scale companies who need to adapt to the online world’s business practices and become globalized should use.

Despite having a wide scope since it involved great changes in the hardware infrastructure while updating all operating system and database components, our project was completed in only 2.5 months. This gives a positive impression of the high level of project and consultant quality of the SAP ecosystem.


  • Transfer SAP systems to new platforms
  • Achieve higher performance than the previously used software
  • Manage systems in a more secure, flexible and low-priced structure
  • Adapt to technological developments such as the inegration and standardization of business systems and data loss prevention
  • Enable Hero Turkey employees to always access data from anywhere in the world

Why SAP?

  • Harbors the best self-proven business processes
  • Has a an understanding that emphasizes R&D investments and constantly develops the solution
  • Has solutions to meet distinctive needs
  • Large and experienced consultant ecosystem

Why Renova?

  • It is among the consultant firms who have the most references in the food industry.
  • The supervisor team has particular expertise in the food industry’s business processes
  • The background of the team in group company practices
  • Technical team’s level of experience

SAP Solutions and Services

In the scope of SAP Enterprise Resource Planning, Finance, Cost Accounting and Control, Production Planning, Procurement and Inventory Management, Sales and Distribution, Quality Management and Maintenance modules


  • Major change in software and hardware infrastructures
  • Update of the SAP version
  • Modernization of the operating system and database
  • Achieving cost advantage in systems management
  • The functional benefits brought on by the updated version

Future Plans

At later stages, Hero Turkiye plans to include improvements in Human Resources applications and production systems in their SAP roadmap.


Hero Türkiye SAP Success Story


Hero Türkiye SAP Success Story

Hero Türkiye & Renova SAP Success Story