Ak Gıda Executed its SAP Digital Transformation with Renova

Project Outline

In the project, Ak Gıda was given a new, modern and rapid system through the integrated end-to-end SAP Enterprise Resource Planning solution. From production to logistics and sales to finance, all business processes were applied successfully in 8 months.

About Ak Gıda

The Turkey department of Lactalis, operating in the Milk and Dairy Products sector with 75,000 employees and 236 manufacturing sites in 44 countries; Ak Gıda is the largest institution of our country in its field. The operations are carried out in 5 factories with an overall capacity of 5.000 tons and 750 product types.

Project Needs

The need for a brand-new system arised due to performance problems and the complex structure of Ak Gıda’s former system causing the business proccesses to carry on in difficulty. After the acquisition of Lactalis, the project was implemented with the request of separation from the old system and transition a new, enhanced application. Along with the change of database in which the ERP applications ran and the update of the SAP system to the latest version; Ak Gıda has taken the initiative to develop and improve its own systems.

Renova Consulting’s competent team of consultants and solution-oriented approach, experience in the similar projects regarding the food industry and its references proved themselves to be very effective during the launch of the project.

SAP ERP Solutions Applied

The scope of the solution inclued Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Production Planning, Quality Management, Maintenance and Repair, Sales Distribution, Purchasing and Inventory Management, and finally Producer Applications.

Project Benefits

  • Application and hardware infrastructure of Ak Gıda systems has been renewed end-to-end.
  • Ak Gıda reached systems where it can get support, invest, and gain benefit from.
  • Data and information security risks were removed.
  • Transition to the new system was achieved without interrupting the logistics operation.

Customer Opinion

Renova Consulting, our business partner, contributed to us in the matters of increasing productivity, facilitating factory management and ensuring a rapid workflow among teams with both its solutions and sectoral expertise. 

Kutay Mutluer, Head of IT

Ak Gıda Executed its SAP Digital Transformation with Renova


Ak Gıda Executed its SAP Digital Transformation with Renova

Renova & Ak Gıda SAP Digital Transformation Success Story