Karadeniz Holding to Automate its Financial Processes with UiPath RPA Project

Karadeniz Holding has been involved in energy, finance, real estate and shipbuilding businesses for more than 70 years. As a pioneer in the energy sector, it has broken new grounds with each project it has undertaken since 1996. In 2007, Karadeniz Holding took the first step to become one of the leading companies in the global energy market and started to build the first “powership” of its floating power plant fleet. Today, Karadeniz Holding generates power in many regions including Africa and Asia thanks to its global brand Karpowership.

Operating in 19 countries with its 2,600 employees, Karadeniz Holding preferred the UiPath RPA solution under consultancy of Renova in order to ensure business continuity, enhance productivity and save costs for manual and repetitive labor in its financial processes. 

With the help of UiPath RPA project, Karadeniz Holding aims to save transaction costs with zero error, use its resources effectively, and maximize employee and customer satisfaction by utilizing the technology in the most efficient way.