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Education Industry Solutions

Education Industry Solutions

In today's challenging competition conditions, education institutions need to keep up with the changes made through education reforms and continue their operations with an optimum budget despite reduced resources while ensuring student and employee satisfaction. While digital transformation re-shapes processes in many areas, it provides input for prompt decision-making mechanisms. More than 8,000 institutions from different parts of the world turn to SAP’s solution to overcome difficulties and seize opportunities.

We offer SAP's solutions that are specifically designed for the education industry by adapting them according to local conditions. These solutions allow universities and K12 (colleges) to integrate their all processes in a single end-to-end system. As the SAP partner that has the most extensive project experience in the education industry, we ensure that Students, Parents, Academicians, Administrative Staff and Management enjoy an excellent user experience as well as benefit from superior interaction capabilities, speed and efficiency.

We have been awarded the SAP Recognized Expertise certificate as a result of our experience in projects in the education industry. In addition, at SAP Store, we offer local and global education institutes our Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) specifically developed for the education industry.

Some of our references:

Bahçeşehir University

Istanbul Şehir University